About Our CEO, Ms. Jessica M. Gardner

The Cubby Method

         Ms. Jessica M. Gardner is a clinically trained child psychologist, protools certified audio engineer, entrepreneur, musician and educator.

         She specializes in the art of the psychological education experience that inhibits brain and psychological responses to the material of study then focuses on the positive responses created to eliminate any hesitance or doubt so that each student is undeniably learning and performing at their highest potential.
         These skills become transferable once a student achieves a level of mastery that translates into higher test scores , greater college responses, and higher functioning coping mechanisms that transform  a lifetime.

The Beginning

Education & Music are both passions birthed with Jessica , As she began studying music styles and learning different techniques at just a few months old.
       Music & Education ties being an inherent family trait passed on from both sides of Jessica’s family. Jessica’s paternal Grandfather, Robert Gardner Sr., Great-Grandmother Georgette Gardner, and Great-Great Grandmother Annie Mattox, and maternal Aunts Aura Perez & Milca Lebron are all educators & achievers of a plethora of educational achievements throughout the state of Florida, participants of school board of Tampa, FL and also have community parks and 3D murals in their name sake throughout the city and state.
With this stewing within Jessica, she was able to attend the prestigious Thomas Jefferson High School in Tampa, FL where she went on to achieve such accolades with her first love,the trumpet , such as: 1st chair player in All County , 3rd chair player in all-state, master musician, section leader, and the soloist to bring JHS their 1st superior rating in over 20 years!
After creating a strong sense of mastery with the trumpet, Jessica decided to pursue audio production and music business at one of the world’s most prestigious entertainment schools, Full Sail University. During this time Jessica became Protools (Music industry standard   program for audio recording ) certified and received a specialization in Marketing.

The Birth & Continued Evolution Of Blueprint To Success Academy

         Soon after, Jessica embarked on her music career working at several prestigious recording studios in Atlanta including PatchWerk and MusicHouse Studios specializing in recording and post production.

         Sensing a need in the educational realm for children to embark on their musical journey, as Jessica once did, and a specific way to deliver this message , initiated the birth of Blueprint To Success Academy.

         Beginning the after school piano program and summer swim sessions after 18 months of planning and learning was just the beginning for BTS in 2013. Now servicing Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Roswell, Alpharetta , Cumming, Sugar Hill and more surrounding areas in Atlanta, BTS has its eyes set on new states and other school systems. Since the 2020 pandemic, BTS Academy is providing online tutoring support for students.

         Soon anyone in the world will be able to join our classes from their mobile and personal devices.

As of late 2020, Ms. Gardner has been preparing curriculums for K-6 grades with sights of opening a Blueprint To Success Academy as a private education institution.

         With the continued support of the BTS families & Kids, Ms. Jessica M. Gardner will continue in the beats of your hearts and creating your child’s Blueprint To Success.

Beginning phase of BTS bear logo

The 1st BTS Bear from 2012!!!

1st Ms. C-u-b Bear logo
Picture of CEO Jessica M. Gardner At Robert G. Gardner Sr. Park

Ms. Jessica @ Robert G. Gardner Sr. Park Tampa Heights, Florida

Picture of CEO Jessica M. Gardner At Robert G. Gardner Sr. Park
Stone carving of Georgette Gardner