What Can I Learn?

  • A variety of things will be learned in class, some include: Back/Front Floating, Basic Survival, The 5 Basic Swim Strokes (Freestyle,Backstroke,Butterfly, etc.)



  • We offer 3 swim class packages: 12 or 24 Class Package & The Swim All Summer With BTS Package.



  • Most students that are 5 and up learn to swim in the 12-class session with practice times in between sessions. If holding your breath or putting your face in the water is tough , more than 12 classes may be required to truly learn

What Age Is Safe To Start

  • Generally, you can start as early as 6 months to safely introduce your baby to public pool water and swimming



  • As far as expectations of learning all swim strokes and maneuvers, Age 6 and beyond, is where 65- 70% of students complete these lessons in 12 classes



  • Even if you’re an adult, there is no better time than the present to learn this invaluable, life-saving skill. For safety and for fun!!!

Can I Learn If I’m Very Scared?

  • Absolutely!!!
    Our #1 goal at BTS Academy is to bulldoze fear with logic, outsmarting it everyday!!!



  • Our trainers are knowledgeable in finding the appropriate technique for each swimmer to learn easier



  • Come prepared to try new things while trusting your trainer equipped with patience and sensitivity to make learning to swim a fun and unforgettable experience!!!