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Your All-inclusive educational experience
for kids as young as 3 years old:
Pre-K college tutoring, music,
language, swimming,
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Bring the classroom home. Instantly


One on one sessions at BTS Academy include a student’s unique learning style as a tool to improve concentration, patience, and general contentment while learning

Language Influences

Learning an instrument can be so fun! Hearing and making new sounds can only train the ear and voice for new language capabilities & nuances

Abstract Thinking

Numerous studies have shown that after a few weeks of additional one-on-one or one-to-few education sessions most children will begin raising their IQ


Motor skills and muscle development can be supported with music education. Difficult injuries, such as concussions, or loss of muscle control can be improved and in some cases healed, due to music education


Learning an instrument can have its challenging moments. However, taking the time to fix the problem(s) and making beautiful music only builds confidence, character, and true belief in one’s own abilities

Overall Improvement

The main goal is always overall improvement. BTS Academy guides improvement in all facets of life and education to lend our hands in Building Tomorrow’s Superstars

What parents are saying
"My kids are enrolled at BTS Academy and they love it. They love their teachers, are comfortable with them, and learning a lot! "

Mahendra S.
BTS Academy Family, 4+ Years
Growing with you
"The BTS Academy is one-of-a-kind. They thoroughly focus on the fundamentals until you get them right. The best part is, I got enough confidence to practice in my teacher’s absence without any inhibitions. BTS goes above and beyond to make students comfortable."

Sushma K.
BTS Academy Family 4+ Years
Kids are loving it!
" My kids are enrolled in swim lessons at the BTS swim school and they love it. The BTS swim program and instructor work miracles. I am amazed how quickly my kids learned to swim. They loves their instructor Jessica, are always comfortable with her and have much fun! "

Mahendra S.
BTS Academy Family, 4+ Years
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